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A group of my friends and I started Wake Surfing on Lake Wawasee and have dubbed it #WakeSurfWednesdays. I know its not something I started by any means but I did start the ball rolling with my friends. My friend Jimmy, Mike and I started going out pretty regularly in Fall of 2014 with no clue really on even how to get the boat setup or anything. Just tooling around drinking a few, hitting the sandbar and surfing very little. Now we have grown it to a good group of friends that love Surfing off the back of a boat in the middle of Lake Wawasee.

00 | The Surf

After the Fall of 2014 and doing some Snowmobiling throughout the winter we fell apart and really didn’t get back out regularly there till pretty late in August. And up till the beginning of September it still was just Jimmy, Mike and I out there goofing off and we really didn’t know what we were doing, still really don’t for that matter. Haha!

After getting a fat sac, watching some YouTube videos and learning the in’s and out’s of setting the trim and getting the right speed we finally made a good wake to start surfing behind.

01 | Action!

So the surf is up, I lit a fire under a few friends and the party started! We had tons of fun learning and progressing throughout September. And basically we were out there every Wednesday and Thursday from September 2nd to October 7th. Lots of waves where caught, beer drank and gas burnt. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, there is just something about Wake Surfing that I just can’t stop enjoying, even though I’m really not that good at it. Yet. Lyle is the only one who took to this like a fish in water… For whatever reason his third try he had it down and was throwing the rope into the boat. We all secretly hate Lyle for this.

On top of wake surfing we did have some good Wake Board Sessions as well. Mostly just Jimmy, but Abigail got some time in as well.

We aren’t the best that is for sure! However, we have a blast out on the lake trying to just get a little better with each pass.

02 | The Friends

Non of this wouldn’t have been possible without the friends. Especially Jimmy for taking us out and allowing me to bug him all the time! Everyone really appreciates it Jimmy! We also appreciate Mike for always being the DJ! And all the others that come out on a regular basis and chip in to make all the Wednesdays and Thursdays Possible! Also, thank you to all the people that came out just a couple times! We had visitors all the way from Colorado come out and try their hand at Surfing! So moral of the story everyone had a blast and we can’t wait to get out there next year!

Editors Note: These are some of my favorite photos from our sessions.

03 | The Sunsets

With being on Lake Wawasee during the evenings in the fall comes the sunsets. Don’t need many words for these. Just take a look and enjoy the beauty that is Northern Indiana, Lake Wawasee.

Now here in Indiana we are coming into Winter. So its until next year #wakesurfwednesday. We will be patiently waiting.

Also, its not cheap to go out and do this 2 days every week. So contact me to buy some Sunset prints at tpieper@velocity-concepts.com. Or if you would like you can donate to help us get out there and progress and continue to bring you awesome sunset panoramas then feel free to use my PayPal.Me link (paypal.me/velocityconcepts) to send over some money! 🙂 Or you can Venmo me some as well. Again that email address is tpieper@velocity-concepts.com

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