S52 Swapped BMW E30

It was late June. My friend Greg Sullivan and I planned to go pick up his car from OMG Motorsports in Farmingdale, NY and take it out for a shoot. It ended up being the only cloudy and rainy day on Long Island that week, so that was great. Then since I had been shooting Auction Cars all week my second battery was left back in NYC, so I ran out of power and didn’t get all the interior or engine shots I wanted. I still got quite a few good shots and some Rolling shots as well! His E30 is one of the cleanest and smoothest running cars I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, riding in and shooting! With a VAC built head, Schrick Cams, Full Exhaust and a Tune the S52 in it is easily pushing over 300hp and in a small E30.. THAT is a ton of fun! My E36 M3 feels way slow after riding in that thing.

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