Labor Day Adventures 2015

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Labor day in Northern Indiana, not really something you would expect to be blogged about, but I definitely found quite a few things to do. From car shows to BMX and Lakes to Rivers, we have it all out here to go and experience. Usually not all in one weekend though..


First off I picked up a couple friends and we went to 2 First Fridays. If you have never heard of First Fridays before then go over to Google or Facebook and do a quick search, I’m sure you will even find an event similar close by you. The first event we attended was in Warsaw, IN, where the Michiana Porsche Club was in attendance showing off their cars. Quite a few really clean ones came out, but I think the rain in the area kept it from getting bigger than what they planned. My viewers choice vote went to the black Carrera 2 on Fikse Wheels. First Fridays in Warsaw are always a fun time, click the link to check out more about the event.

View the Porsche Album on Facebook.


Second event, same day, same hour as the Porsche event in Warsaw, there was a VW show called VolksFest. VolksFest was located in Goshen, IN for their First Friday event and along with all the VW’s they had a pretty large beer garden area with German beers, which was the reason I made this the last stop of the evening. Goshen puts on one of the best First Friday events in Indiana as far as I’ve seen. The event brought out quite a few nice Buses, Bugs and other assorted VW’s. I saw a MKII Rabbit with ITB’s even, photo below.

View the VolksFest Album on Facebook.

If you see any photos of yourself or friends just go to my albums on Facebook and share away!


Saturday of Labor day weekend we went out on Lake Wawasee for the day. We Bass Fished for roughly 6 hours, no one really caught much of anything, except Damen. Damen caught quite a few. After fishing we got on the wakeboard boat for some afternoon fun and drinks. We ended up at The Frog after some drinks on the sandbar and a small Wake Surf session. We closed down The Frog and did some Night Surfing on the way back to the house. I wish I had photos of all this, but we were short handed and didn’t get any footage or pictures. I know… Photos or it didn’t happen. Well, You’ll just have to take my word for it.


Got up after a long night spent at my friend Jimmy’s, guy on the boat above, and took a little road trip with Danny Rumple up to Michigan. We got to ride up at Jeremy Ball’s trails for the first time ever and it was a pretty good session! I got to ride Jeremy’s 26in Diamondback DJ, I am in love with those bikes, tons of fun to ride bigger wheels. Watched Jeremy shred his trails like a boos and took one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. Link: Jeremy blasting a huge 3 over a massive double. I have plans to get up there again soon for another session and some more photos!


Last day of the long weekend and officially Labor Day! We planned a trip just up north to Mongo, IN. The family and I took 2 Canoes down Pigeon Creek. Had an amazing relaxing time on the river and got a few really good shots on one of the stops we took along the way. My sister climbed up a tree that was down across the river and the light was coming through just enough to make a little bit of distortion.

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