Green Beret Challenge | North Carolina

The next stop of the Green Beret Challenge is coming up this weekend on Saturday, October 27th. So I decided to post some of the photos I got at the last one. I was mainly filming for the video that is located at the bottom of this post, so I didn’t get all to many photos.

Special thanks to Naneu for supplying us with a few bags to tote are gear around in. There was definitely a lot of gear to tote around. Check out Jared’s setup below! Between the crew of 5 of us we ended up catching about 125 GB of footage in just the 4 hours that we were able to shoot.

I can’t wait to meet up with the guys this weekend and shoot another great event! See you all there!

Be sure to Like Green Beret Challenge on Facebook. As well as Somethin’ Lite Pictures and my page Velocity Concepts, LLC just two of the small parts of the crew that went out to North Carolina to film this event!

Thank You!

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