GNCC Round 5 – Springville, IN

April 25th and 26th, 2015, GNCC held their 5th round of racing at the Lawrence County Recreational Park in Springville, IN. I was invited down by Aaron Yoder of Y&S Designs to film some interviews and follow him and the MCS Racing crew around for the weekend to get some promotional footage. Arriving on Saturday it didn’t look to good, as it was raining one of those annoying light mist’s that covered just everything. We literally slid into our spot and sit up in the rain. Because of the rain I was not able to get my camera out much as I do not have nor rented the gear to shoot in those conditions.  They changed the course for the 50cc Micro afternoon race though, to where it went directly by our camp, using one of the tents as an inside apex to a corner. I got one of my favorite shots of a little guy railing that corner the best he could in the soupy mess that was a track.

We lucked out on Sunday and it turned out to be a beautiful day! I got a few good shots but as I came to find out about the world of GNCC racing is that its very fast paced and once the riders are covered in mud you really can’t figure who is who. So I did miss some shots but I think I got a few good clips that should work well over the interviews we got the night before. Videos are being assembled and clips will be showing up here and there for promoting Y&S Designs and MCS Racing.

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I have a whole album on Facebook. Check out just a few of them below. Click here to go to the Album on Facebook to see all 75 photos from the weekend.

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