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BMX Trails are about the only thing I like to ride

As the trail season draws to a close, I am left with the desire for the first time in a few years to keep riding every chance I get. As I was not on my bike very regularly over the past few years, I have come to find its one of the things that I really enjoy and that enjoyment is something I definitely needed in my life.

I picked up riding again in August of this year and now we are coming into winter, as they say winter is coming… The trails and track are closed until we get over the rainy season of next spring. Trails are what I grew up on and basically all I like to ride so what is there to do!? Go to Rays? Yes of course but its 4 hours away so gas + riding equals quite a bit to go ride for a few hours on a Saturday. Go to Louisville Caverns? YES! Same deal as Ray’s though, but 5 hours away.

I guess its just wait it out till next season for the most part while getting to the Fort Wayne Indoor for the most part and then Rays and Louisville when I can!

The following are some of my photos from this last year out at the 4910 Trails in Fort Wayne (Great Article by Karl Poynter on the Fort Wayne scene here), Jeremy Ball’s House in Michigan and at the end a #FBF (#FlashBackFriday) back to the Deluxe Video Premiere Jam at the 4910 Trails in 2012 with the video as well. The Deluxe Video Premiere was one of the last times I rode trails until August 2015.

The Ball Trails

Jeremy Ball 360 Sequence at his Trails

Jeremy Ball (@jeremyleeball) with a huge 360 over the big line at his trails in Michigan.

4910 Trails Fall of 2015

Just a few photographs from our Thursday and Sunday Sessions out at the 4910 Trails.

And again if you want to read a really good article on Fort Wayne and the 4910 Trails that Karl Poynter over at Vital BMX put together then click this sentence.

I also added a new tool to the bag, an Inspire1 Drone, below is a very short few clips I was able to get at the very last session of the year.

Lookback over the Hip | Chris Gerber

#FlashBackFriday to 2012 Deluxe Video Jam at 4910 Trails

So Just recently when working on a few other projects I ran across some pretty awesome footage I totally forgot I had. And come to find out I had a lot of Glenn Salyers (RIP). Check out the video below. #rideforglenn

Photography Bonus, 4910 in 2012 and beyond

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